Introduction to “Eye + Ear”

In my most recent years of living, I realized how important music is to me. When something helps your mood become more positive, & changes you as a person, you really start to revolve your life around it. This is me with music.

Recently, the South Korean pop genre that is emerging forwards has shown the most staggering content in its more recent times. Seeing how some companies of most South Korean artists spend a great deal of their budget on music videos, I had found some of the most alluring videos I had ever seen in my life after discovering more about this captivating genre.

Ever since I’ve become more interested in music & the processes of it, both auditory & visually, I realized some aspects that makes a musician’s music video give an astonishing effect on the viewer. It made me ask, “What makes a good music video that matches the feeling the song gives off to the listener?” There are many times where I hear a song prior to watching the video, only to find that my brain’s preset imaginative aesthetic for it was actually better fit. Hopefully I can find out what it takes to make a viewer have the full sensational experience while watching a music video.


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