20 Research Questions

  1. How was music promoted before music videos?
  2. When did music videos start to erupt?
  3. How have music videos changed?
  4. How has music evolved as a whole?
  5. Which genres have become the most popular recently?
  6. How prevalent is music in everyday people’s lives?
  7. How does different music from different parts of the world reflect the society?
  8. Which country’s music scene is the largest & most popular?
  9. How does music effect the listener as a person?
  10. What are award ceremonies like the Grammys or VMA’s evaluated by?
  11. How does a person’s visual experience of watching something influence their auditory experience of hearing something?
  12. How does the eye & ear work together to create the “perfect” experience?
  13. How are music videos different from one another?
  14. How do music videos in America compare/contrast to those in other countries?
  15. Oliver Sacks, in his book Musicophilia, discusses the effect of music on our brains & the imagination behind it. How does music create imagery in our heads when we listen to it?
  16. Oliver Sacks also discusses how composers of music have strong imaginations in Musicophilia. How do our minds create such intricate pieces of art?
  17. What similar techniques used in songs makes the general public satisfied with the song?
  18. What is different between the genres of the world?
  19. What would the world be like if music never existed?
  20. What impact would the world have if their were no more music videos?

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