Capstone Research Paper – Section Two

Sounds around us shape our memories of events, & impact our lives. Music evokes an inexplicable feeling of intensity & desire. Music is such an important part of my life; it’s what gets me through each day, each step; & brings the most joy into my world. I chose to research the topic of music videos bringing the best sensations to the viewer. By doing so, I hope to learn a lot about how such popular musicians get out of this world view counts & how they bring the public coming back to watch it again in order to have contentment in their lives.

So, how can a music video match the feeling the song gives off so that the viewer can fully experience the intentions of the artist? This is something that really makes me eager to know because in my life span, I have seen a lot of music videos, & have found quite a lot with high views that I just couldn’t see how it was possible. There are many reasons for this, but it triggered me to wonder how certain bands I like could improve their own videos as well.

In discovering this, I need to question secondary things as well, such as what similar musical melody techniques used in songs make the general public pleased with the song, & also what the complex formula is in pieces of artwork or film that make them trigger the highest arousal & emotion. Thus, these two questions lead me to think how a person’s visual experience of watching something influences their auditory experience of hearing something. All of these sub questions will help me on my path in finding how to qualify a music video as “perfect.”


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