Research Update

The most successful part I’ve found in my research thus far is how relevant music is in basic human nature. I found an amazing text called Music, Language, & The Brain discussing how no matter what society you’re in, there is almost always an occurrence of music being somewhat of an apart of it. Even in the deepest jungle tribes, a completely opposite society from ours, they still had music as a main part of their lives.

However, the least successful part was finding sources. The amount of articles that were about sexism & discrimination in Western music videos were insane. I already had seen this as a problem before, & I believe a lot of other American youth can see this in their favorite artists’ work as well. Also, I realized how much of a problem this is with the quantity of articles there were about this topic.

Surprisingly, I found an article titled The Korean Wave: An Asian Reaction to Western-Dominated Globalization that was very helpful for me. It really opened my eyes, although it’s rather outdated with the current years, it made me think. There was a part of it that mentioned how the music, fashion, & media of South Korea is so similar & heavily influenced by the west. It really makes you consider who the real leader is in culture on the world. We influence so many countries to be like us, simply just by continuing what we’re doing.

In conclusion, so far in my research, I thought finding how a music video could give the best sensations to a human would be easy, but it turns out that in order to find this I need to find more about the science aspect of it & learn more about the brain & sound, & the brain & images. I’ve found a lot about different cultures & their music but need to dive deeper into the technicalities about our bodies with it.



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