Capstone Research Paper – Section Five

Through this experience, I can conclude that there are many, many factors playing into the role of a music video giving a viewer a pleasant experience. However, we can see that through my research & findings, the song has to sound pleasing to us on a personal level & have techniques within its production that will leave us breathless. Political & cultural times also make certain songs rise to the top as well, showing the society’s stance on certain issues within their world. I believe that everyone has a shot at making their content successful, & trying to be more focused on what the public wants & the way it’s progressing, can make it become more popular & attractive to viewers.

My opinion on this has changed quite a bit. I usually find pleasing experiences in music videos that are original & different than the norm, & what’s expected of musicians. However, through my findings, to please a large quantity of people, you have to conform to a certain amount of checkpoints. I thought that being different would guarantee a success, but it’s more based on public friendly content. However, the most surprising fact was that there hasn’t been a research thoroughly conducted about people viewing music videos & what is going on to their brain as watching it. I was shocked & disappointed to have found none.

To come to a conclusion, you need to realize that each person’s music taste is different, for our mind, thoughts, experiences all have impacts on what sounds good to us & brings our brain comfort while absorbing sounds through our wonderful sense of hearing. Music videos all have different aesthetics to it, for they are all works of art no matter how odd they can get, or how controversial. If I could continue researching this this, I would definitely try to find more about the neurological & psychological aspects about music & helping people. We really need to explore this further since there is a lack of attention on it. It would benefit a lot of new up & coming rising artists to grow & blossom in ways music has never done before.


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