Capstone Research Paper – Section One

Hopes, dreams, chance. A person chasing fate & following their heart to rise up to their idolized role models. For the up & coming musician, seeing the success of other artists is truly awe-inspiring as their hard work & dedication is shown through their music & various contents. How would you start to create your own music? How would you appeal to the senses of all people through your art? Many of these questions arise as you wonder, what makes a music video successful & attract the public?

For a lot of people, music is a part of their daily life. We tend to become fans of creative musicians for their style & taste that is similar to ours. However, when they come back with a new music video & album, it raises hype & anticipation to the whole country. How do they ensure their new production will be successful & make viewers come back for more? Musicians we all know & love are prevalent in our daily lives, & their work being a success is based off of our culture.


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